MODEL: Fire Cutter Dalek

This dalek is from the Peter Cushing film called Dr. Who and the Daleks. This prop was used mainly for a scene when it cuts down a down a door.Its most noticeable for its Oxyacetylene cutting torch , blue neck rings, battered dome, its collars are sort of a copper/bronze color than gold, the neck has a substance that drips down on the shoulders, and some of the hemispheres caved in.

I thank dalek6388 for the prop information and visit their site. 

MODEL: Dead Planet Dalek,or the Shawcraft Mk 1 Dalek

This is the first Dalek design ever to appear in Doctor Who. Unlike the Daleks after Dead Planet these are powered by static electricity. Also this design doesn’t have the power slats.

I thank project dalek for the image and check out their site. Thay make plans for life sized daleks.